Only the one who is prepared to step out of his precursors footprint will leave his own mark.


Christiane Habernei

Head of traxxFACTORY and Managing Director at Heyman Group SA

2012 Certified Hypotherapist, Management Trainer in Communication Skills

2011 Certified Business/Life Coach


Personally, I love the work I do and I am very passionate about it.

I am quirky, approachable, full of beans and dead serious. I am committed to give you the absolute best professional personal development and all this with a lot of fun. This keeps my flame burning and allows sparks to set my participants on fire.

My life experiences had perfectly primed me to specialise in personal impact; Business Coaching, Presentation, Communication, Leadership skills and Team Building.

My career path has neither been straight nor narrow.
Now my journey has seen me transformed from an Estate Agent into a Business Management Trainer and Coach (MBA).

Indeed, my journey is a great example of how things do not always turn out as we plan and what a blessing it can be!

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